Privacy Screen

PACIFIC GLASS BALUSTRADES are an industry leading installer
of glass privacy screens in the Central Coast & Sydney.

Custom-made and installed for both the commercial and residential markets, we have developed a reputation for the workmanship of the highest quality, whilst maintaining affordable pricing. All of our balustrade projects are designed and installed to Australian Standards and NCC (National Construction Code) requirements.

Glass privacy screens allow for the beauty of uninterrupted sunlight while providing a rigid protective barrier

The huge range of fixing methods available means that our glass privacy screens can be installed to meet (and exceed) client and council certification expectations for glass balustrades in the Central Coast & Sydney.

We supply and install a large and diverse range of frameless glass balustrades in the Central Coast to suit your project requirements. We aim to be a ‘one-stop shop’ providing glass balustrade solutions at the best prices. All systems are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are tested to ensure compliance to relevant Australian Standards. Price, quality and safety are our primary focuses.

When looking for a frameless glass balustrade company to provide outstanding glass balustrade and pool fencing services that not only look great but will add value to your home and offer a 10yr warranty, look no further than Pacific Glass Balustrades. We are here to help you!

Privacy Screen Types
Acid Etch Glass Screen
Acid-etched glass refers to annealed glass that has been treated with Hydrofluoric acid to give its surface a frosted look. Entire sheets of glass can be acid-etched or small sections can be treated to add specific designs. Acid-etching is seen as a great alternative to sandblasting because the finished surface is smoother to the touch and easier to maintain. The glass can also better withstand stress and stay smudge-free longer. Because of its durability, acid-etched glass can be cut into any shape or size and then tempered.
Privacy Screen Types

Tinted Glass Screen

Tinted glass, is made by including coloring additives to normal clear glass during the manufacturing process. The majority of tinting is done with shades of black, bronze, grey, blue, or green. These tones of glass significantly reduce glare and heat gain from the sun.

Supertoned glass, also known as supertinted, uses a heavier pigmentation to provide even greater solar heat control.

With the sunlight absorbing properties in tinted glass its ideally suited to warmer climates when ideal window orientation is not achievable.

The colored tint within glass absorbs a greater proportion of solar heat in comparison to clear glass. Toned glass is particularly useful for reducing the sun’s impact on unshaded windows you wish to keep unobstructed by other shading devices.

Privacy Screen Types
Color Glass Screen

With Vanceva , architects and designers can feature glass like never before — combining a wide choice of colour interlayers to produce transparent, translucent, or opaque colours that create just the right look and ambience. In fact, no other PVB interlayer offers the range for coloured laminated glass as Vanceva .

Vanceva brings a whole new aesthetic to both interior and exterior applications, including balconies, curtain walls, atriums, skylights, partitions, conference rooms, and glass.

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